3 things you have to think about when building your family home

Choosing to build your dream family home is exciting, but there is also some pressure to get it right, and so many things to choose. Here are our suggestions of the three must haves:

  1. Two living spaces – Right now your babies may be cute and cuddly and you couldn’t imagine needing space away from them, but we promise you when they get a bit bigger (or wait for it – TEENAGERS) you will need space. Two living areas will guarantee less arguing and also ensure that you don’t feel like your living area is being overtaken by toys. It’s also perfect for entertaining – the kids can go and play or watch a movie together, while the parents can have a drink or two and chat the night away in peace.
  2. Storage, lots and lots of storage – This is one of the biggest mistakes people make. It’s not glamorous and often gets forgotten but it doesn’t matter if you have one or four kids they accumulate stuff, lots and lots of stuff, and you need storage. While you might not think so now, we promise you that when you move in things like the linen press, under stair storage, or those extra cupboards in the laundry will bring you actual joy.
  3.  Finishes that last and stand the kids test – when selecting your finishes it’s key to remember what they are going to be up against. There are so many options when it comes to durable finishes, you just need to do your research. You want your new home feeling fresh for as long as possible, so take the experts advice on things like carpet, tiles, paint etc.