Kitchen design errors to avoid

You do not want to get the kitchen wrong! The beauty about all our Icon designs is that the kitchen layout is tried and tested, take a look here

Here are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Wrong cabinet depth

Make sure your cabinets make the best use of all of the available space. Standard minimum depth your cabinets can be is 600mm,but if you have the space and budget, why not go wider and get more storage depth? Try 680mm or can be as high as 700mm.

2.  Incorrect cabinet height

Again, 2200mm is a common standard minimum for the overall height of the kitchen. In some cases this is adequate, particularly in homes with low ceilings.Tall cabinets really lift the look of a kitchen and create plenty of storage.

With the Onyx range of inclusions the ceiling height is 2700mm leaving a gap of 500mm. Again depending on budget, but increasing the cabinet height can make a big difference.

3. Forgetting fridge doors

Many plans have the fridge right up against the wall, make sure you leave enough room for the fridge door to swing in and out. To avoid this, you can increase the width of the refrigerator niche.