Still asking whether to renovate or detonate?

We’ve said it before, renovating is not always an easy option, and definitely not always the best decision – you still have an old house, just with a face lift. Those old pipes and electrical are still going to cause you problems, potentially even more now that you have your new shiny kitchen and bathroom up and running. Did you know that the lovely new double oven you picked is going to use up to x3 the power – which could mean you are going to end up needing to get a new electrical board? These are all potential speed humps in your renovation dream.

When you KDR, you get to keep everything you love about where you live and your community, BUT you get a brand new house – one that you have designed to be perfect for your family.

Don’t believe us – check out what the experts at InsideOUT have to say here.

So, whats the first step in getting your brand new dream home? Visit our Display at 226 Warringah Rd, Beacon Hill and ask how you can get your CUSTOM DESIGNED home at NO EXTRA COST – that’s the Artisan By Icon Homes difference.