Creating bespoke custom homes.

Our Process

Icon Homes have tailored a very simple and easy to follow process for owners to be able to understand and track where their job is at throughout the pre-construction process. Once signed up, each client will be allocated a pre-construction administrator who will guide them through all aspects of the pre-construction process including design changes, colour selections, building permits and approvals, variations and contract signing. The pre-construction process undertaken by Icon Homes has been kept as simple as possible to ensure the following:

  • The most efficient time frame from sign up to getting the file onto site.
  • Accuracy and quality of documentation
  • Clarity to the client so they understand exactly what they are signing off on
  • Help facilitate the client’s finance approval with documentation tailored around what lending authorities require

Our expert construction team will also ensure high efficiency and quality on all builds, as well as keeping the owner informed on building progress on a regular basis. The owner will be given the opportunity to have site inspections with their allocated site supervisor and raise any questions they have regarding the construction process.

Our project lifecycle below gives an overview of the entire build process with Icon Homes and can be used as a guide for what to expect when building your new Icon Home.

View Our Project Lifecycle