Creating bespoke custom homes.

When you can’t stay home

We love building people their dream homes and the excitement we all get for what lies ahead, and now more than ever your home is so important. We are being told to ‘Stay Safe, Stay Home’, don’t leave your house unless it is essential.

But what if that isn’t an option? Imagine being anxious about this pandemic but not having a home to isolate yourself, or no one to turn to for help.

We recently received an email from Jon Owens, the Pastor & CEO at Wayside Chapel;

“It’s nearly been two years since becoming Pastor & CEO at Wayside and a day hasn’t gone by when I haven’t been accosted by at least three of our homeless visitors each morning, trying to offer me advice on how to run things better. This week, one of my usual critics stopped me in my tracks when he said to me, “Thank you – without you I’d be dead.”

It reminded me that what we do at Wayside is a matter of life and death. The world is facing an unprecedented crisis as the COVID-19 threat unfolds, which is forcing many agencies to make difficult decisions about cutting back their services. Wayside’s services are needed more than ever for the survival of a community for whom self-isolation, Netflix, food stockpiling, and ‘rugging-up’ is all but a utopian fantasy.

We are determined to stay open, however, it won’t be ‘business as usual’ as we adhere to health advice. We are currently implementing bold plans to take our care from our building onto the streets, where we see the need increasing as jobs evaporate and more families are placed under incredible strain. Sometimes when we talk crises we hypothetically ask “What would you grab if your house was on fire?” So many of our homeless feel like they are those objects that have been left behind.”

Many Australians who are already in vulnerable situations, will be facing even worse times during this pandemic. Domestic violence against women and children increases during times of stress or anxiety. People are losing their jobs, with no savings to fallback on. More people will become homeless. Not only this, but over the coming months as people lose their jobs, and sadly as domestic violence cases will rise, more and more people are not going to be able to ‘Stay Safe & Stay Home’.

This thought stayed with us and we felt like we needed to help. As Jon put it to us, now is not about finding homes & beds for people, now is about keeping people alive.

So Wayside Chapel are taking their work to the streets – they are making Care Packages that their volunteers are going to hand out to those in need. These are going to include essential items to help people make it through this crisis as best they can and they need help.

We now have two donations bins located out the front of both of our Display Homes and we will be collecting the following items:

  • Deodorant (Roll on is preferred)
  • Tissues (small packets)
  • Wet Wipes (small packets)
  • Hand Sanitiser (small bottles).
  • Jumpers & Tracksuit pants (Second Hand is fine)
  • Blankets (Second Hand is fine)
  • Socks (Second Hand is fine)
  • Mens & Womens Undies (Must be new)
  • Opal Cards

You can also donate directly to the cause here.